About the Hammer

Heavy Hammer, based in Annapolis, MD is a cutting-edge advertising technology company that specializes in geo-targeting online networking and consulting geared toward connecting businesses with each other and the consumer.

Heavy Hammer is based in Annapolis, MD and is a cutting-edge technology company with a particular focus on social media and connectivity platforms using our patented technologies to enhance our own online initiatives.

We have been online since 1999 which makes Heavy Hammer the long lasting, continually operating online company in the state of Maryland. We have grown by an average of 32% annually each of the past several years as the internet absorbs our patented technologies.  The company is poised to grow this coming year by a projected 55% and we are looking forward to meeting or exceeding that projection.

Heavy Hammer specializes in geo-targeting online networking and consulting geared toward connecting businesses with each other and local consumers.

Heavy Hammers patented technology has been incorporated into most of the top tier online companies to include Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Airbnb.

Over the past decade geo-targeted ads have become ubiquitous as the offline world dedicates an ever increasing percentage of their advertising budgets to online, quantifiable marketing initiatives. Heavy Hammer is proud to have blazed the trail and while we are happy to have them come on board we are not happy resting on our laurels as we continually push the envelope by launching new and helpful online solutions that enrich the online experience for both consumers and professionals.

In order to feature our technologies Heavy Hammer also drives one of the most widely used suites of real estate web sites and mobile apps. Starting with USHUD.com in 1999, this group of platforms now includes many of the highest ranking mobile apps that provide real estate information in an easy to use method while connecting millions of home buyers with thousands of real estate professionals across the country.

Heavy Hammer believes that geo-targeted advertising is still in its early stages and that the next several years will be a very exciting time for both the advertising industry and consumers as technical improvements and greater understanding of the possible features and benefits of targeted ads continue to accelerate.

Our Focus

The company focus is to improve results based advertising of every company and user that takes advantage of Heavy Hammer technologies. This is accomplished by creating cross platform ad solutions with particular attention to improving search results, satellite navigation, social networking, lead generation, video and mobile advertising.

Geo-targeting is just one of the technologies we have launched. In recent years we applied ourselves and our experience to create the first social search engine which has been adopted by Facebook and Linkedin to name a few. Our next platform is currently in development and we are anxious to launch a Beta as soon as possible. Beta launch is scheduled for the second quarter of next year.

Our Team

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