Digital marketing plays an essential role in the real estate industry today. The right digital marketing strategy can help your real estate business grow tremendously over time. We live in a digital age where people are reliant on technology in many aspects of their everyday lives. A marketing strategy that combines both traditional and digital marketing tactics is the best route to take in 2019. Keep reading and discover a few digital marketing ideas that you may want to consider for your real estate business. 

Create a video marketing campaign

Video marketing continues to grow in popularity. Real estate businesses need to understand that video has been one of the highest engagement rate mediums in the past few years. High-quality videos will drive traffic from platforms like Facebook and YouTube back to your company website. Real estate content ideas include company branding, home buying guides, and hyper-local tips. 


Do you have a blog page on your website? Many real estate businesses are guilty of neglecting their company’s blog page. It is crucial to maintain an active presence on your blog page because it has a significant impact on search engines by leading more traffic to your website. Market yourself as an expert by sharing your industry-related knowledge on your blog page. You can write about anything from relevant market updates to home buying tips. This is your space to post what you believe appeal to your audiences. 

Email newsletters

An excellent way to grow your email mailing list is through newsletters. Offer incentives to encourage people to sign up, such as access to exclusive real estate content. It is important to grow your pool of potential clients on your email list. A newsletter will keep these individuals informed about your services, so they have you in mind when they are ready to buy or sell their home.