Social media has become a significant part of the real estate industry. Real estate professionals use their social media platforms for marketing their services, promoting listings, and connecting with potential clients. It is important to post quality content regularly to maintain an active presence. However, creating a social media strategy is easier said than done. One of the best things you can do is to vary your content to appeal to a broad audience. Continue reading and discover a few examples of real estate content you can share across social media channels. 

Company team bios

If you are looking for a source of content for your social media channels, company team bios are a great place to start. Before most homebuyers and sellers hire an agent, they want to learn about the individual. You can either do a write-up about them or get them in front of a camera and let them share their stories. This is an excellent way for clients to learn about members of the team. 

Blog posts

Every time you post an article to your company blog page, you should also share it across your social media channels. Blog posts are a great way to cover industry-related topics. You can discuss frequently-asked questions, home buying/selling tips, market updates, etc. Blog posts are easy to share on social media and are the kind of content that typically receives a lot of shares. 

Property listings

Social media platforms like Facebook are perfect for sharing new and existing property listings. If you want to advertise a property, social media is one of the best avenues for doing so. Many people today turn to social media platforms like Facebook to aid them in their home buying search.