In a highly competitive industry, real estate businesses must utilize a variety of marketing strategies to stand out from the competition. However, it can be challenging to dedicate time solely to your marketing efforts. A busy real estate agent’s schedule typically consists of appointments, client meetings, and home showings. Today, marketing automation allows users to schedule digital communications in advance so they may be deployed or posted automatically. This automation eliminates the possibility of forgetting to send or post your marketing materials online. Continue reading and discover a few ways in which marketing automation can benefit your real estate business. 

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a highly effective tool for generating real estate leads. If you want to communicate a message to a large audience, email is an excellent option. Many real estate businesses today use email marketing campaigns to engage with leads. One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that promotional messages can be scheduled days, weeks, or months in advance. 

Email Drip Campaigns 

With the help of email drip campaigns, marketers now have the ability to target specific audiences in your email lists based on their particular goals and preferences. In other words, you can schedule which emails go to which email subscribers based on their interests. 


Chatbots are often found on Facebook pages and other eCommerce websites. These bots allow users to ask questions from behind their computer screens or from their mobile device. This method of communication is excellent for businesses that are looking to engage with potential clients, as well as address their immediate questions as they browse your site. Chatbots also help to convey your commitment to your clients by providing highly responsive customer service.