Media Solutions

Heavy Hammer has multiple projects under way at all times as our creative team continues to roll out new ground breaking platforms.

Mobile Advertising

Heavy Hammer is proud to have patented the process of delivering highly targeted, relevant advertising to this growing marketplace.

Satellite Navigation

As personal computers lead to acceptance and expansion of the internet so too will on-board Satellite Navigation promote the understanding and use of Geo-Targeted advertising.


Targeted ads combined with geographic content are more relevant, create a better user experience and have a higher ROR than any other type of online marketing.


Geographical Ad Serving through Mimian allows merchants of all sizes the opportunity to leverage the power of the internet to promote their businesses more cost effectively.
I wanted to thank you for reaching out to us to get us back on board. Your work ethic, professionalism, and willingness to discuss our campaign with us are exactly what we were looking for in our account manager. Since you have taken our account over we have already closed our first purchase which we signed within days one week of our initial conversation. We are excited to start expanding our areas and scaling as a primary lead source. Thanks for your efforts! Michael H., LPO Manager

Here are the leads that I have closed so far and some are soon closing after inspections and option periods are past. I have a total of $735,400.00 in sales and a total of $22,062.00 in commissions. I started the leads in 2016. I have since paid in $1200.00 for the leads. I am $20,862.00 ahead! The leads are still coming in steadily! Thank you! Jennifer D. RE/MAX Centex, Realtors Lorena, TX

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to advertise on your website. I just started the third month with more than 50 leads of which at least 4 potential clients and 1 closing scheduled for the end of this month. So far so good hopefully more business generated now that it is spring! Lina A.

Sales Associate, INCA REALTY

Who Uses our Technology?

The majority of search engines, mobile platforms, and millions of advertisers interface with one or more of Heavy Hammer Technologies. From our patented IP- targeted ad serving to local lead generation, Heavy Hammer has been leading the way by helping businesses of all sizes use new media solutions to solve long standing problems.

Our Patents

Pat. 7,813,958, Pat. 7,985,007, Pat. 8,046,258, Pat. 8,073,737, Pat. 8,190,476, Pat. 8,195,514, Pat. 8,306,856, Pat. 8,412,576, Pat. 8,510,165, Pat. 8,825,527